The Mindful Coach Method


Learn the Somatic Insight Cycle(tm) – powerful, state-of-the-art mindful and somatic techniques specifically designed for coaches – without weeks of traditional mindfulness practice 

Distinguish your practice, up-level your skills, and improve client satisfaction

Help clients quickly cut through the noise and connect to their natural resourcefulness, clarity and resolve

  • 8 weeks
  • 1.5 hours of live, interactive teaching and practice +
  • 8 hours of original additional recorded training +
  • SMS program to facilitate engagement +
  • International Coaching Federation CCE hours

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  “Mindfulness helps coaches work more closely with their clients as it heightens focus and clarity. It improves listening, communication and increases presence and outcomes. And presence is the most important coaching skill”
Magdalena Mook – CEO ICF

I recently completed a year and half of training to obtain the ACC credential from the International Coaching Federation (ICF).   Surprisingly, I found that while the ICF has coaching presence as a core skill and mentions active listening, noticing changes in the client, skillful use of language, and other coaching skills – there is little training on exactly how to be mindful and present in session which is a pre-requisite for masterful use of these skills. 

In addition, current coach training all but ignores the use of exceptionally powerful somatic techniques that have been field tested in the somatic psychotherapy, and can be adapted for the coaching. There is no faster way to get build rapport, gain clarity, and cut through the noise than skillful use of somatic techniques. Period. In fact, after experiencing them, clients say it spoils them for traditional “talk” coaches because they want so much more. 

For this reason, I created The Mindful Coach Method – and am offering an eight week live/online course to help coaches learn to use The Somatic Insight Cycle(tm).

The pilot ran this summer and there is a waitlist. The next class will begin in late September.  Each week has a 1.5 hour meeting, a one hour recorded session and assignments.  If you engage  the content as suggested, this will significantly improve your work as it’s based on proven, science based techniques. The price has not yet been determined.

International Coaching Federations CCE credits are included. The exact number is being determined by ICF and expected this fall, but will be retroactive.

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