Episode 34 – Stress, Anxiety, Cheesecake, and Mindfulness

Episode 34 – Stress, Anxiety, Cheesecake, and Mindfulness

Modern life creates a lot of anxiety and stress. Mindfulness helps us re-connect to the beauty that’s right in front of you. Your problems don’t disappear, they just get smaller because you get bigger. You become aware that it’s not productive or healthy to be focused 24/7 on what happened yesterday, last year, or earlier in your life – or forward-facing into what calamities may await you the next hour, day, or decade. Sure, you need to plan effectively and respond objectively, but that’s no excuse for being in a self-created hurricane every day, all day, and wondering why you’re so stressed out. I’ll talk about getting present with you in the moment experience as a way to disempower the past or future from taking you away from the beauty of now. You may not see it right away, the dust has to settle first.

Oh yeah, and you’ll hear about “the cheesecake that cannot be named.” ūüėČ

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#33 – Keith Fiveson – Author of The Mindfulness Experience

#33 – Keith Fiveson – Author of The Mindfulness Experience

When I first met Keith, it was like I had found a kindred spirit. He’s been practicing mindfulness for a long while and came about his wisdom through the heat of adversity, the way most real wisdom is forged. Keith has put his commitment and focus into helping business professionals be better people, and thereby, better at business. And because what he’s learned is very practical and applicable to our lives, he wrote the book, The Mindfulness Experience, providing a roadmap to becoming more mindful in a way that is effective, practical, and accessible. That is no small task. In this episode, you’ll hear Keith talk about his journey and some of the lessons he’s learned along the way. “Change your story, change your life.”

Keith W Fiveson is a sixty-five-year-old Army Veteran, early internet pioneer, turned yogi, executive life coach. He has studied life in all its challenges. For the past thirty years, his mission has been to help individuals and organizations become more conscious, awake, and alive to life and all its opportunities. His recent book, “The Mindfulness Experience 8 Strategies to Live Life Now“ distills the wisdom of the ages into a pragmatic plan to live in the present. Anyone can be a survivor, but to be a thriver you need to build a life of presence, to be aware of every sacred moment of truth, so you can overcome challenges and adversity. Keith has had cancer twice, a heart condition, a broken home, challenging relationships, and a childhood family life that was dysfunctional and abusive.

Keith has traveled extensively, working, and studying, in over forty-five countries worldwide. He is a certified life coach, Thai yoga therapist, and meditation teacher. He has practiced and studied Eastern and Western mindfulness/meditation for over twenty-five years. He started to cultivate his practice over thirty years ago, using his army training to balance a very hectic corporate career. He has extensive experience in the corporate world, working under extreme pressure and stress with incredible people and companies.

Keith is an alumnus of Price Waterhouse Coopers and the founder of IT Enabled Services Alliance, Inc., a global consulting firm. He has held executive positions at British Telecom, AT&T, and MCI Telecommunications, later to become Verizon Business. Back in the early days of the internet, he helped develop cloud-based solutions for Best Buy, CUNA, Apple, McGraw-Hill, Time Warner, Autism Speaks, General Electric, Citibank, and Merrill Lynch, among others.

He lives in Port Washington, NY, and he works actively in several communities. He coaches several high-functioning executives and individuals who wish to live their best life now, with balance, in an unbalanced world.

You can find out more about him at www.workmindfulness.com

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#32 – This Is About You

#32 – This Is About You

This episode is my heartfelt effort to ring a particular bell. The one that rings when something¬† important and urgent and needs your attention. A call to action. This week, it has come into high-resolution focus for me that mindful communications has the capacity to recast your life into a much more satisfying, connected, engaged, resilient, and calmer moment-to-moment life. And more. To live a life connected to the beauty and presence between us and the vast common ground of human experience. It has the power to build bridges made of the fabric of presence where none other can be built. What would your life be like, what would the world be like if we could all be more mindful and somewhat skillful in connecting authentically and communicating about what matters to us? To be heard, be seen, and have the capacity to be present for others. How would that change the choices we make as individuals and as a society? This is the promise of mindfulness plus communication skills. But even with that kind of potential, how much effort goes into learning how to use this instrument? The instrument of our brains, our neurology, our voice, our hearts. How and we tune and play that instrument to create something other than cacophony? If we can’t communicate well how can hope to address the big issues of our time such as racial issues, intensity about political differences, and poverty – much less manage a pandemic. Pretty much zero goes into these skills on a day-to-day basis in our culture. If we are going to thrive, and some might argue, survive, personally and culturally. That has to change.


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#30 – Clarifying Eckhart Tolle – Acceptance Does Not Mean Approval

#30 – Clarifying Eckhart Tolle – Acceptance Does Not Mean Approval

This one goes deep on some topics related to mindfulness and Eckhart Tolle’s teachings. People confuse the notion of acceptance with approval. I often hear “accepting the moment is just a way to teach people to be ok with abuse” for example. This is an easy misconstruction of Tolle’s (and other mystics who teach ‘being’). It’s easy to see why this is confusing. We often use the word “accept” to¬† mean we approve of a deal “I accept your offer”, “I accepted the apology.”¬† You effectively approve an exchange as reasonably fair. But this is not commerce. We are not talking about a transaction in this case. Listen in for details.

I do my best to clarify this point and give examples that highlight how this works in real life. It’s hard. And you have to be willing to be uncomfortable and take the time to practice to create a neurological capability that creates gives you your best chance at dealing with challenging situations effectively and with less disruption when you are reactive.

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#29 – Aaron Huey – Mindfully Parenting At Risk Teens

#29 – Aaron Huey – Mindfully Parenting At Risk Teens

This is a-rockin’ conversation with a great guy who is wired to “on.” He’s a force for major change in people’s lives in an area where few dare to tread. His work is with mindfully parenting in a direct and powerful way, parents and teens who are not at “at risk” in that the risk is a possible future event but are in fact in danger, actively engaged in behavior impacting their well-being. That’s why he calls his work “Beyond Risk and Back.” I think you’ll agree this is courageous, powerful, and inspiring. He dives into the hard stuff without hesitating. He’s the host of the #1 podcast in parenting, Beyond Risk and Back.

This show is a good example of what happens when two people have a good, authentic, and immediate rapport as we had a great time and I think it shows. Check it out.

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